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Wipperoz is a platform designed to enhance connections between people. On our site you can quickly contact professional services or people for different tasks, whether in person or remotely.

We connect customers with suppliers. We call customer to any person who posts a job application and requires the services of a professional. We call that post "Wip" and we consider every freelancer as a potential supplier.

Our platform is designed to make it easy for each customer to find a supplier and request a professional for a specific job. At the same time, we think of making it easier for suppliers to find these offers, through a labeling and notification system, but also with a search engine.

We are a platform that combines the possibility of contacts for remote and face-to-face work. This is possible thanks to the incorporation of a geolocation option, which allows you to indicate whether the search is for remote jobs, for a certain geographic radius, or for both alternatives.

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