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How to setup user preferences
How to setup user preferences

When creating your account you will have to configure your preferences as a Wipperoz' user. Here we share the steps to follow to do it.

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  1. Go to "Account settings" using the menu in the upper right corner that shows your first and last name or your profile image if you are using the platform from a mobile device.

  2. From the "User Preferences" tab you can setup:

    • Language,

    • Currency,

    • Metric system,

    • Selection of starting dashboard when you log in (Supplier dashboard, Customer dashboard, Browse works).

    • Select if you are a freelancer who offers a service,

    • Show the initial setup when you log in or when going to the Customer dashboard,

    • Close your Wipperoz' account permanently,

    • Activate multi-factor authentication to make your account more secure.

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