1. Log in to https://app.wipperoz.com/en

  2. Go to "My profile" using the menu in the upper right corner that shows your first and last name or your profile image if you are using the platform from a mobile device.

  3. Complete all three sections:

    1. General information:

      1. First name,

      2. Last name,

      3. Country and phone number,

      4. Public profile. This section is essential to stand out among your competitors. You can write a personal presentation and/or detail of your work experience, including links to past works and use it as a portfolio. It is recommended the use of HTML with your own design.

    2. Profile image:

      1. Hit the "Add Image" button,

      2. Select the file from your device or drag the image to the pop up window,

      3. Hit the "Upload" button.

    3. Skills: This section will let us know what kind of service you can offer. The categories are preset and appear as you write the word. If you can't find a category that suits your skills, you can write them down.

  4. Verify your identity:

    1. Follow the instructions in this link

  5. Hit the "Save" button.

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