1. Log in to https://app.wipperoz.com/en

  2. Go to "Account settings" using the menu in the upper right corner that shows your first and last name or your profile image if you are using the platform from a mobile device.

  3. Go to the "Supplier options" tab

  4. Set focus on the "Alerts" input field.

  5. Select the category related to your skills from the drop down menu. You can start typing to filter the categories.

After setting up your alerts and saving the new configuration you will start receiving alerts by email and through the platform about new job opportunities. Bear in mind that if you not choosing to receive alerts of wips in the Notifications tab of the Account settings you won't be notified.

To search for new job opportunities go to "My Work > Browse works" using the grey drop-down menu on the left. A list of Pending tasks/jobs that you can apply for will be displayed.

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