How to create a Wip
A WIP is a request for a professional or supplier of services to perform a task/job. Here you will find the steps to create one.
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  1. Hit "My wips > Create a wip" from the grey drop-down menu on the left

  2. Complete the form:

  • Write a brief description of the work to be done. For example: I am looking for someone to clean my 3 bedroom house 3 times a week.

  • Write a more detailed description in the extended description box.

  • Hit "Next" button.

  • Fill in the details of the job to be done:

    • Due Date,

    • Budget,

    • Currency you want to use,

    • Location or if it is an online WIP.

  • Hit "Next" button.

  • Start typing and choose the category that best suits the WIP. Following the example above, the category could be: Cleaning. If you can't find the category, we'll find it for you.

  • Hit "Send" button

Wait for notifications about messages or quotes from service providers that could do the job for you. They will reach out through the platform and by email. You can follow the activity from the Customer Dashboard, accessing it from the grey drop-down menu on the left (My wips > Customer dashboard).

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